Mitsubishi Evo Concept: The battery-powered SUV-coupe

09/20/2017 23:11:03
Mitsubishi Evo Concept: The battery-powered SUV-coupe
If you’re trying to keep it up with the modern, you need to offer something new and fresh and Mitsubishi knows that, that's why it revived its Evo Concept

If you’re trying to keep it up with the modern, you need to offer something new, something fresh. Mitsubishi has revived the name of a future-thinking battery-powered SUV-coupe. In a move seemingly designed to enrage anyone with a soft spot for the amazing gas-guzzling Evo models of old, Mitsubishi has revived the name for a future-thinking battery-powered SUV-coupe.



Well, there’s no easy way to break this to you, CTzens, but this SUV-coupe powered by electricity is the latest Mitsubishi Evo. Specifically, it’s the e-Evolution Concept, which the company says “signals the start of an exciting new era which will see long-term growth and sustainable development for the brand.” In a short press release Mitsubishi confirms that the ‘signature’ four-wheel drive is there, but comes with more advanced AI and a ‘low-slung’ SUV-style body.



It’s marked for a debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in just over a month’s time. This teaser comes just a few days after Mitsubishi confirmed a platform-sharing partnership with Renault and Nissan.


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